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Out of the Gloom vs Development – Manchester International Festival – Thursday 14th July 2011

Over the past couple months we’ve hinted that something quite big was on the horizon. Those in the know might have guessed it was in the shape of a very large Tent in the middle of Manchester!

Once again the OOTG & Development crews will join forces for the Manchester International Festival and more musical shenanigans under a Canvass roof. As the dust and memories fade from 2009’s festival its time to pick ourselves up and do it all over again. Those who experienced it in 2009 will agree that it was great night and its still one of the events that people ask me about most often.

We really hope you can join us for more fun and games this year.  We’ll keep you updated with more info as the festival approaches. Don’t forget to check out the  full program of events for this years festival by visiting :http://mif.co.uk/ there are some incredible things happening, don’t miss out.

Check out the Videos and Photos from 2009 and look out for a new OOTG mix to get you in the mood soon!

Out of the Gloom vs Development
Festival Pavilion
Thursday 14th July 9:00pm – late
Admission Free

Tom Lynch & Chris Feinmann [DEVELOPMENT] – Interview

We are really looking forward to Out of the Gloom v. Development at The Manchester International Festival.  For the Gloomers that haven’t made it to Development before, what can they expect from you on the night?

Tom: They can expect some De la Soul, seeing as they are are playing over the road that night. I’m expecting them to do an encore at the OOTG vs Development party. They can freestyle over some pepe bradock!

Chris: I’m not sure really, I’ll bring along a mixed bag as I’ve no idea which way it could go. Hopefully some deep house but we’ll have to see if the crowd are into it. Definitely some disco.

And are you guys looking forward to battling it out with Chris and Steph?

Tom: It will be a first! Which sounds crazy seeing how long we’ve known each other.

Chris: Big time. You might wanna call in Hans Blix cos we’ll be pulling out all the bombs to try and beat you guys…this is a DJ battle after all. It’s war.

We loved the first Development Music release!  What can we expect next from your productions?

Tom: The next release is due out on the 20th July actually, so you’ll get to hear them at the MIF party! Its an EP from Atjazz, Domu and Yannah Valdevit (Eddy meets yannah). I’ve got a couple more productions coming out this summer too.

Chris: We have quite a few potential tracks in the pipeline for after that too, it’s amazing how much good stuff is out there, and particularly UK talent which we’d like to get involved with the label. We hope to put some of Tom’s music out soon as it’s getting pretty impressive and doing some serious damage at Development. Well done Tom.

What else have you got planned for the next few months?

Tom: We’ve got the disco3000 festival in Croatia at the start of September which we can’t wait for. A few more gigs over the summer too, a couple of weddings, hopefully some time in beer gardens….

We keep hearing rumours about Development club nights coming to an end, set our minds at rest please!..

Tom: No plans to kick the bucket just yet, its too addictive. We haven’t got any parties planned over the summer but it definately isn’t the end!

Chris: I would be devastated if we had to stop doing it…so no. We’ll always continue the parties in some shape or form…we’ve got lots of different ideas floating around at the moment for how to move forward so I guess we need to figure out which is the best and get things going again.

And now for some hot topics from our forum

If you were horribly skint and needed to earn some fast cash, what would you turn your hand to?

Tom: I would become a pirate. Without a seconds hesitation. I love the fact that you could wake up in the morning and say to the mrs “right love, I’m off to be a pirate on the high seas, back later for tea”. I’ve seen the Ross Kemp programme, its how they roll.

Chris: Dog walking. I love dogs and I don’t mind walking so it would be easy money.

Do you believe aliens have visited Earth?

There’s parts of Derbyshire where they’re still here. Go to New Mills and drink in some of the pubs, you’ll see.

Chris: Sophie Ellis Bextor has, must have liked it so much she stayed. So yes, absolutely.

What album are you looking forward to coming out?

Tom: The 2nd Trusme album, coz I’m getting bored of listening to him talk about it! Also can’t wait for all the unreleased Michael Jackson stuff to start surfacing. Most of It will be turd no doubt, but there’s bound to be some hidden pearlers sitting there in the studio. Over 100 tracks apparently!

Chris: Domu has a great new album out called ‘One Offs, Remixes and B Sides’ which looks great, also I heard Ron Trent has a forthcoming album which will certainly be worth a listen. Oh yeah and when we last had Spinna over he was putting the finishing touches to his first hip hop album for years and years which sounded amazing.

What tune have you got stuck in your head this morning?

Tom: That stupid 118 247 advert! You know the one which is really annoying but eventually makes you laugh, sing along and shake your head like stevie wonder. No? Just me then.

Chris: Metro Area – Caught Up and Gil Scott Heron – We almost lost Detroit

Manchester International Festival [OOTG vs Development]

Date : Thursday 16th July 2009
Location : The Pavillion, Albert Square, Manchester